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  • How to Dispose of Medications Safely

    If you’re getting ready to clear out some clutter, your medicine cabinet might be a good place to start.

  • If you’re getting ready to clear out some clutter, your medicine cabinet might be a good place to start. Most of us have a few expired prescriptions and vitamins lining our shelves, but getting rid of them isn’t always as simple as throwing them out.

    For starters, rules and restrictions on medication disposal vary from state to state. Flushing can contribute to water pollution, and it’s important to make sure that unwanted medications and supplements are kept away from curious toddlers, foraging pets or anyone else.

    Here are a few simple tips for safely disposing of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications and vitamins:

    1. Protect your identity. Before you throw away prescription pill bottles, make sure to remove your name, doctor’s name, and any contact info from the label.
    2. Follow directions. Some medications come with specific instructions on safe disposal.
    3. Take them back. Many communities sponsor dug take-back programs where you can simply drop off your unused pills and prescriptions. Call your neighborhood garbage or recycling collector for more info.
    4. Mix it up. Mix pills or liquid medications with something unappealing like coffee grounds, kitty litter, or cayenne powder before throwing them away. This will make them less recognizable and less appealing to pets or anyone who might go through your trash.
    5. Bag it. Prevent leakage by sealing pills in plastic sandwich bags before you throw them out.

    Keep in mind that there are some medications that are too dangerous to be disposed of in the trash. For information about how to dispose of medications safely, check the FDA guidelines, your state board of pharmacy, and local requirements.

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