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  • Reading Glasses Buying Guide

    Get a clear-eyed view of how to choose the best reading glasses for you. Find big savings on a wide variety reading glass lenses and frames to fit every need.


     If your doctor or optometrist has recommended wearing reading glasses, then you’re in the right place. Everyone knows reading glasses help you see better, but many people don’t realize they can also help prevent eye strain and headaches. If you’re concerned about your vision and haven’t done so yet, see an optometrist for an eye exam. It’s best to catch and correct vision issues as soon as possible — preventing further decline and many eye-related discomforts.

    Shop for Reading Glasses Now

    • You can see clearly now. Your doctor may recommend wearing reading glasses to help prevent eyestrain, headaches, and vision decline, especially if you spend a lot of time reading or on the computer. Know your prescription and look for reading glasses with the right magnifying power — generally 1.00 through 2.50 — prominently featured on the package label.
    • Make a style statement. Reading glasses are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, so choose ones that fit you best and complement your wardrobe. Some glasses cover your eyes entirely, whereas the eyes peer over the top of “half-eye” lenses, when correction is needed for reading but not for far sight. Consider getting multiple pairs for variety and to avoid wasting time looking for your glasses. Keep a pair of reading glasses by the bed, near your computer and at work.
    • Keep reading glasses clean. Fingerprints, dust and dirt can distort your reading glasses and make the lenses hard to see through. Keep them nice and clean with sprays, cloths and other cleaning products specifically designed for eyeglasses. Note that some reading glasses are available with impact- and scratch-resistant lenses.
    • Accessorize. Keep your reading glasses handy by wearing them on a neck strap, or store them in an eyeglass case to protect them from damage. Many reading glasses are sold with a soft case, but you may want to purchase a hard case for extra protection. Also look at eyeglass repair kits for when you need to replace a screw or make other small repairs.
    • Eco-friendly options. Trying to be a little greener? Do so in style. A number of reading glasses on the market are made with recycled or reclaimed materials.
    • Safety in the sun. For those beach days spent reading and relaxing (or other times when you’ll be reading in the sun), make sure you have reading glasses that block harmful UV rays and glare.
    • Moisturize your dry eyes. Sometimes we blink less when doing eye-intensive activities like reading or using the computer, which leads to painful dry eyes. Keep a bottle of moisturizing eye drops near your reading glasses just in case—artificial tears or saline eye drops should do the trick. Read the Eye Drops Buying Guide to learn more.

    Shop for Reading Glasses Now

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